Home Apple Apple opened section of its site dedicated to Privacy

Apple opened section of its site dedicated to Privacy

Apple opened section of the site dedicated to Privacy

One of the main activities of Apple is to ensure the privacy of user data. To tell the owners on iOS devices on how to safely use those or other Apple products, the company has opened a special section. At apple.com/privacy/ can now read about the measures taken to ensure information security.

Page covers Apple Pay, iMessage, Siri, Touch ID and total confidentiality of stored files on your devices. Unfortunately, this section as there is in English only. If in Russian, then describe it roughly as follows.

Your Apple Pay Transactions are safe


Only you have access to your device

You can protect your device 6-digit password that is almost impossible to crack: a million combinations available. Or you can customize Touch ID – the most advanced system protection devices for personal use – to quickly unlock your iPhone or iPad fingerprint. For added security, you can set a password of numbers and letters of any complexity.

Your personal data belongs to you, not others

Whether you ask a question of Siri, you do a photo or get directions in Apple Maps – you should know that Apple does not collect this or any other information to sell advertising or other organizations.

Your payments via Apple Pay safe

Apple Pay gives you a safe and confidential way of payment in stores, applications, and websites. We do not track what you buy and therefore can not create a history of your purchases. To protect your card, we will turn them into a unique numeric code and bind it to only one device. Thus, neither Apple’s or other devices with the same Apple ID does not have access to information about your card. During the real payment card data and will not be transmitted.

It should be noted that Apple has always tried to make the information about the confidentiality of the data as transparent as possible. The new section of the site will undoubtedly make acquaintance with it more intuitive and user-friendly.


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