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Apple: New information on its first foldable smartphone

It’s no secret that Apple is working on a foldable smartphone. Like any other manufacturer, Apple takes care of a market that can be seriously exploited.

While it is early to talk about certainty, we have more information on what the Cupertino company is working on because of information from a Samsung executive.

According to Federico Casalegno, Samsung worked in various formats of a collapsible device to achieve its formula. Since the Android system did not offer (so far) any version prepared.

Apple foldable smartphone

According to Federico, the South Korean company found that the folding smartphone had more logic to fold in than out. That is, the folding screen becomes unavailable when the gadget is closed.

However, Apple is studying the opposite direction . That is, the company of Tim Cook is working on a smartphone that folds out. When closed, it will have a screen on both the front and rear.


Apple Foldable Smartphone

This information confirms earlier patents by Apple in which we have seen some of the works of the Cupertino company. In the images we can see that the manufacturer of the jammed apple registered 3 patents. One of them with a folding screen inside. Another to fold out and one last one that looks more like a zig zag.

When will Apple introduce their foldable smartphone?

If you are an Apple lover you know that it is rare that Apple launches something to the market with the intention of being the first. It took almost 10 years for the iPhone to have wireless charging. Steve Jobs was presenting the first iPhone and Palm was already charging wirelessly.



That is, do not expect Apple to venture. The Cupertino company will launch a foldable smartphone eventually if the market is as successful as it gets. For now, we’ll just imagine.

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