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Apple may start assembling its premium models in India

Apple to start assembling its premium models in India

The ongoing trade war between the US and China has caused serious problems for many technology companies. The threat of new taxes and other fees has raised some concerns.

Perhaps to overcome this problem, Apple will be preparing to shift the production of the iPhone out of China, having chosen India as its new destination country.

There is still no confirmation of this change, but several credible sources take it for granted that Apple may be preparing to switch the assembly lines of the iPhone’s most expensive models to India.

Apple’s move from China to India

The production will not fail to be made by the company that has always handled this process of building the iPhone, Foxconn, but will be made at a factory of this company in the city of Sriperumbudur.

Apple's move from China to India


Foxconn plans to expand its existing factory in India with an investment of $ 356 million, bringing employment to 25,000 people and boosting the country’s economy.

Also not outside the idea of Apple the possibility of building some of the components of the iPhone in this country, revealing that the bet of the brand in this country will be greater than would be expected.

Not a new adventure for Apple and Foxcomm

This is not the first time Apple transfers its production to India. Already in 2017 the brand had the production of the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE based in India, without, however, achieving positive results.

In addition to evading potential commercial issues, this move will further open up the Indian market for Apple, where the brand has tried unsuccessfully to increase iPhone sales even on the cheaper models.


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