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Apple launched the iPhone 12 but there is talk about what the iPhone 13 will bring!

The iPhone 12 and its entire line has been officially revealed. Incidentally, the iPhone 12 and iPhone Pro start reaching users. However, the news is from the iPhone 13.

We know it’s too early to guarantee anything of future iPhone 13, however, the leakster who revealed the information has proved to be correct many times in the past.

iPhone 13 will arrive with 1TB of internal memory

iPhone 12 Pro e iPhone 12

According to well-known Jon Prosser, leakster who revealed almost everything that would arrive on the iPhone 12 and other Apple Device, just mentioned that it is better for the public to prepare for iPhones with a 1TB of memory. Since this year’s iPhones have already been revealed, the well-known leakster is guaranteed to refer to the iPhone 13.

This will not be the first smartphone with such capabilities on the market. Samsung already gives us models with this memory capacity. However, we all know how much Apple costs you to increase the internal memory of your smartphones.

Videos are to blame for so much memory

Apps are not that heavy. However, videos and photos are increasingly quality. In other words, space is needed to store them.

Apple has encouraged the purchase of iCloud, however, not all users like to have a monthly subscription to have more memory on their smartphone. Thus, it is expected that the memory in smartphones will rise considerably in the coming years.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is complicated to be sure about a smartphone that will only come out next year. Still, Jon Prosser’s words seem to have bathed with certainty these days. By the way, if you haven’t seen the first impressions of the new iPhones, nothing better than taking a look at the video below.

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