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Apple is working on offline mode for Siri

Apple is working on offline mode for Siri

No one likes when Siri stops working if the iPhone can not connect to the Internet or the signal is too weak. Apple may have a solution to this problem – offline mode for Siri.

The new Apple patent is talking about an offline mode for a personal assistant so that it can work even without an internet connection. In order for Siri to work without the Internet, the voice recognition algorithm will have to be performed within the device, and not through cloud storage, as it is now. To do this, you need a new method for processing speech, for which a special coprocessor will be responsible.

Apple is considering using a system of modules to process requests without being connected to the network. Among the modules there will be elements of speech synthesizing, dialog processing, alphabet conversion, etc. Having recognized any command, the personal assistant will be able to use the data stored in the modules and execute the request. This applies to the most common commands, such as setting a timer or playing a locally stored song.

The patent talks about using machine learning to optimize the process.

Devices with an A11 Bionic and newer processor use a neural engine for machine learning. The neural engine of the A12 Bionic processor is 10 times faster, which provides analysis and optimization of the camera image in real time.

The offline mode for Siri could contain the best of both worlds, and as soon as the device accessing the network, the work would be switched to servers.

Such a decision Apple would improve Siri not only on the iPhone but also on other devices. Such a feature would be very useful on the Apple Watch, in which Siri does not work even with a weak Bluetooth connection.


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