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Apple is sued for use of Bluetooth since the iPhone 3GS

The Apple is once again involved in a court battle, this time accused of breaking patents related to Bluetooth by a company called Rembrandt Wireless Technologies. In the lawsuit filed in the US state of Texas, the company claims that Apple misused two registered technologies that allow communication between devices from two or more modulation methods.

Basically, they are records that talk about how the devices communicate, with the use of different methods allowing greater agility in connection and transfer of files. The methods would be used on virtually all Apple products, from the iPhone 3GS to the most current generations of the smartphone, as well as on iPods, Macs, iPads and HomePod, as well as headphones and other Beats accessories.

In the lawsuit, Rembrandt not only accuses Apple of failing to license the technologies for use, but also of having forced the market hand so that those resources would also appear in partner products. Consumers would be encouraged to purchase certain accessories over others due to interoperability with the iPhone and other Apple devices, with the specification modulations GFSK and DPSK being responsible for this.

Officially, Rembrandt’s patent registration expired on December 4 of last year, something that is even considered in the lawsuit filed by it. The company requests the correct licensing and royalties due from the first implementation of the technology in Apple products in 2009, until the end of the validity of the documents, as well as damages for the brand and its businesses.

Usually, Apple ends up in the sights of patent trolls, companies that acquire third-party technologies, rightly looking at profits to be obtained in lawsuits, but this is not the case here. Rembrandt is not only a legitimate company, but has also won recent victories in similar lawsuits against Samsung and BlackBerry. In the case of the Korean manufacturer, for example, a jury even determined to pay $ 15.7 million in compensation, a figure that was reduced to $ 11.1 million after appeal.

Apple did not comment on the matter and this is not even the first time the company has faced Rembrandt in court. In 2014, she was accused by the company of infringing technologies related to the safe reboot system of iOS, in a process ended up filed for lack of merit.

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