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Apple is changing store logos to red

Apple is changing store logos to red

Apple stores are known for their minimalist and little formal style. Entering an official Apple store means seeing the products at ease without giant alarms that deform the equipment and little notion give us to see the gadgets.

Although the stores are constantly attacking for large-scale thefts, take a look at this theft, the Cupertino company believes that the minimalist design invites more people to visit their stores and try out their gadgets.

And you’re not wrong. I prefer a thousand times to see the new iPhone in an Apple store than in a third-party store where the alarms deform the design and aesthetics of the device.

Apple changes brand logo to red for World AIDS Day

Today Apple has taken yet another measure in its stores that is leaving the world admired. Many users spend on the Apple Store and see the brand logo in red.

Apple changes brand logo to red for World AIDS Day


Soon after entering it will observe all the employees with a red T-shirt instead of the typical blue or green. But this change has logic and is only temporary. And no, it’s not promoting your new iPhone Xr tonality.

Instead, the change of tonality of the Apple logo has direct relationship with the RED movement. That is, the fight against AIDS.


Tim Cook said on his Twitter account ” The Apple stores around the world are getting red to honor the #WorldAIDSDay (DiaMundialDaSIDA). Together we can reach an AIDS-free generation. “

There are more than 400 stores of the company of Cupertino that will change the tone of the logo temporarily to red. A change of form to draw attention to one of the worst viruses in world history.

In short, do not be indifferent to the issue and know more about AIDS and how the disease is not as problematic as in the past in this article. 



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