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Apple is accused of selling data from iTunes and Music customers

Another lawsuit against Apple is filed in the United States, this time by three customers from Rhode Island and Michigan. Under the lawsuit, the company would be selling listening data from Apple Music and iTunes customers to third parties in violation of state privacy laws.

According to the prosecution, confidential information from iTunes customers is passed on to third party companies, who resell this information on the market without giving prior notice or obtaining user consent.

“Any person or entity can rent a list with names and addresses of all college-educated, single women over 70 and earning over $ 80,000 annually who have purchased Apple music via the iTunes application. for sale for approximately US $ 136 per 1,000 listed clients, “exemplifies the lawsuit.

Still, according to the process, the data sold is extremely detailed, such as home address, and in some situations, information of genres and titles of songs that were purchased in iTunes are transferred. As a result, affected people become targets of “fraudulent telemarketers,” according to the statement.

Prosecutors are Leigh Wheaton, Jill Paul, and Trevor Paul, representing iTunes customers in their respective states. Those affected are expected to pay $ 250 to $ 5,000 for each affected client in Rhode Island and Michigan, respectively.

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