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Apple iPhone Xs confirms the power of Aion Bionic in the tests of AnTuTu

Undeniably one of the highlights of the new generation of iOS smartphones, the new Aion Bionic A12 processor is the new record holder in AnTuTu. This is the “heart” of the new Apple iPhone Xs, Xs Max as well as the iPhone Xr.

First, this new mobile platform has a total of 6 processing cores (hexa-core). Similarly, we also have the use of lithography (construction process) at 7nm (nanometers).

This new 7nm process endows the Aion Bionic A12 with incredible processing power that has surpassed all the records in AnTuTu. In this sense, I remember that the smaller the distance between any and every component of the processor, the more efficient this will be.

Therefore we have in the Aion Bionic A12 a “heart” that is not only faster (powerful) but also be more restrained in energy consumption. The result is already raging on test platforms and benchmarks like the popular AnTuTu.

Apple iPhone Xs has more than 360,000 points in AnTuTu

On the other hand, when presenting the new Apple iPhone Xs and Xr the American technology did not reveal how much RAM is present in smartphones. However, with the release of its results obtained on the AnTuTu platform we now know all these details that were still missing. Well, here in the first place we have the new scoring records. A testament to the power of the new A12 Bionic present in the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr. In that sense, we can then consult your score.

Apple iPhone Xs has more than 360,000 points in AnTuTu

It is precisely 363,525 points obtained in AnTuTu by Apple iPhone Xs thanks to its processor A12 Bionic. It is because of the various components tested such as its graph, its interface and of course, the processing power.

Apple’s Aion Bionic beats all Android tops

In contrast, the average score of the Android range of tops with the mobile platform Snapdragon 845 from Qualcomm “if-are” by 290,000 points. Something that shows us well the mastery of Cupertino’s technology in the development and optimization of new SoC’s.

Compared to the generation of iPhones of 2017, devices equipped with the A11, present in the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, we have improvements of 33.3% in the performance. That is, the new processor with 6 cores offers a noticeable improvement in its power.

AnTuTu has surrendered to the new Apple Bionic A12

Something that becomes so much more evident when we look at the graphics department, the GPU of the Bionic A12. Here we have a doubling of graphical power as well as a 50% improvement over the entire interface fluidity. What’s more, we also have a 20% improvement in memory usage (writing/reading speed).

Looking more closely at the new Bionic A12 processor we have a total of 6 cores divided into two groups. In the first place, we have two high-performance cores, surpassing in 15% the performance of the previous generation – A11.

Secondly, we have 4 more efficient cores. All of them focused on battery saving, consuming 50% less power than the previous generation. In the same way, we also have a graph with 4 cores processing that promises improvements of 50% in graphics quality compared to the previous generation.

How much RAM does the Apple iPhone Xs have?

Both the new Apple iPhone Xs and Apple iPhone Xs Max have the same amount of RAM – 4GB. With 5.8 and 6.5 inches, AMOLED screen, these are the current tops of the technological range of Cupertino.

On the other hand, the iPhone Xr has a total of 3GB of RAM and a 6.1 inch IPS LCD screen. Therefore the technological one nickname it of  Liquid Retina Display with a resolution that stays by the HD,  something already discussed here.

Will Apple be the “queen” of AnTuTu in 2018?

Will Apple be the  queen  of AnTuTu in 2018

It is a race as captivating as superfluous or even means. Benchmark test scores do not accurately represent the daily performance of each of the smartphones in real life.

However, they are indeed a valid indicator. An easy way to compare various devices and understand how each manufacturer optimizes them. In that sense, we hope that the next generation of Huawei processors, the Kirin 980, may eventually challenge this Apple record in AnTuTu.

The same can be said about the next generation of processors from the North American Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 855. However, this SoC should not be submitted before December 2018.

Therefore, the first smartphones with this processor will only hit the market from 2019 … Until then, the best of “Android” was 70,000 points short of the new Apple iPhone Xs and Xs Max

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