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Apple iPhone XR is official! Everything you need to know

Apple iPhone XR is official! Everything you need to know
Apple iPhone XR

Today was the day of presentation of the new Apple iPhones. In conjunction with the iPhone XS and XS Max, the Cupertino company also unveiled the new iPhone XR.

Unlike the other two iPhones that have been revealed, this iPhone XR looks in a different way to the market. The terminal is dedicated to an audience that does not want to spend as much money on the purchase of a new iPhone, but want to have a design identical to the new tops of gamma and the same processor.

Although we called this Apple iPhone XR the “Low Cost” model, we can confirm that the value is far from low, indeed, the specifications as well. The new smartphone from the American manufacturer will hit the market with a desire to overturn the competition with a lower value but it is still a considerable investment.

This new iPhone XR does not have the same cameras or the screen of the iPhone XS and XS Max. The smartphone gives us a rear camera instead of the two sensors revealed in the XS models and an LCD screen instead of OLED with HD + resolution.

Apple iPhone XR arrived today as a viable option to the XS

Theoretically, the colors will not be as dense and the contrast will be better. It is perfectly plausible that the battery will suffer a little more with this difference. Something that we will only know in the complete review of the smartphone.

Apple iPhone XR arrived today as a viable option to the XS

Above all, Apple wants with the “XR” to attack a market that has not yet mastered. I am obviously speaking of the Asian. This iPhone XR will be the perfect competitor for OPPO devices, Vivo, Huawei and Xiaomi in China.

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Although Apple has more weight in the western market, the company remains seriously below the above mentioned brands in the Asian market.

The Apple iPhone XR, like the other iPhones, also gives us dual-SIM. These are the first devices of the American manufacturer to integrate such technology. It will be guaranteed to be well received all over the world. Unfortunately, it works with e-SIM, meaning it can take a while to get to Portugal.

We can say that the new iPhone XR follows the footsteps of the iPhone 8 with an iPhone X touch. The front panel is identical to last year’s “X” model and the back reminds us of the “8” model also released in 2017 .

Apple iPhone XR Price and availability 


Although this new smartphone has a lower value than XS and XS Max the iPhone XR continues to have a pull value. The device will hit the market starting at € 879 next month. The device will be able to be purchased in 64GB, 128GB or 256GB.

In short, this iPhone is not for all Apple lovers. If you want a top of the range XS models are the best option. However, if you want to upgrade your old iPhone and want a quality terminal with a friendlier price, I fully believe that the “XR” is a viable option.


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