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Apple iPhone XR outperforms Google Pixel 2 on DxOMark

Google Pixel 2 is one of the most impressive smartphones in terms of photography, according to DxOMark. This title is mainly due to the fact that it is an Device with only a photographic lens. However, that title has now passed to the competing Apple iPhone XR.

When analyzing the ranking of DxOMark we found that there are already several device with scores higher than the Google Pixel 2. Nevertheless, this one deserves its prominence due to the fact that all those who have superiors possess at least two lenses in its rear.

On the other hand, the Pixel 2 has only one lens and is one of the best smartphones for photography. Much of this title is due to the software used by the Mountain View company in their Device.

Google Pixel 2 outdated on DxOMark by Apple iPhone XR

However, we now have a new protagonist in the field of smartphones with only one lens. The latest Apple iPhone XR has been in the hands of DxOMark and the score it received puts it above the Google smartphone.

The Apple iPhone XR is the most economical offer of the new Cupertino company alignment. For this, some sacrifices had to be made, namely at the level of his chamber. Here, Apple removed a lens when compared to the XS and XS Max.

Even so, this Device was able to get a total of 101 points in the DxOMark tests. Although only with a lens, the iPhone XR can match the XS Max in terms of color, detail, noise, exposure and artifacts. In contrast, we see a clear disadvantage in terms of zoom and portrait mode, consequences of the lack of a second lens.

This smartphone is still able to provide quite pleasant results in low light conditions. DxOMark also praises the performance of its flash, saying that it can be superior to Google Pixel 2 and iPhone XS Max.

Just a camera, but in fantastic performance

In short, this platform stresses that the Apple iPhone XR has a camera with an excellent dynamic range, good autofocus and more. However, its performance in portrait mode is poor. Weighing all these parameters we have a score, in photography, of 103 points.

iPhone XR DXOMark
iPhone XR DXOMark

Analyzing its performance in video, we have a total of 96 points. For this contributed its wide  dynamic range,  good stabilization and vivid colors. In short, we have a performance again very close to that achieved by XS Max.

In contrast, the XR has some instability in the color balance under conditions of light oscillation. In low-light conditions, a level of detail is lower than the XS Max, but with less noise.

In conclusion, DxOMark itself ranks the Apple iPhone XR as the best device with just one lens. A title that until now was owned by Pixel 2, but we still lack to know the performance of his successor.

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