Apple iPhone X explodes soon after upgrading to iOS 12.1
Apple iPhone X

It is no longer the first time you hear that an iPhone explodes, but it is the first to be told that an Apple iPhone X explodes shortly after upgrading iOS. The update of iOS 12.1 begins to reach users around the world and as usual, there is the ritual of connecting the smartphone to the charger and begin to update the operating system.

However, things have not gone well for a user today. According to the information, the user put the smartphone to charge while the device was updating.

This Apple iPhone X is an isolated case so far

As he was updating the Apple iPhone X it began to pour little smoke. Soon after the initial reboot after the upgrade the smartphone simply started to burn.

That’s how the story of the Apple iPhone X user named @Rocky_Mohamadali on Twitter told the story. The Gadgets360 staff interviewed the user questioning possible issues that might have existed, such as a non-original charger or a cable noise.

Can you say that iOS 12.1 is an explosive update? (Just kidding)

In this way, it was found that the problem is not in the charger or cable because both were original and in good condition.

Can you say that iOS 12.1 is an explosive update? (Just kidding)


According to the report, Apple is looking attentively at the situation. However, if you have not yet upgraded your smartphone to the new iOS 12, just make sure you do not do it while you sleep.

So far this Apple iPhone X is an isolated case among millions of users. So I see no reason to panic and do not update your smartphone.



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