Home NEWS Apple iPhone SE 2 may be introduced sooner than expected

Apple iPhone SE 2 may be introduced sooner than expected

Apple iPhone SE 2 may be introduced sooner than expected

Apple was quite convinced when it launched the Apple iPhone SE in 2016. There was no longer such an acclaimed smartphone in the period in question with such a small screen. However, that was not what prevented him from being a small success.

In fact, it seems that this year, two years later, the Cupertino company will present the successor of this terminal, with some similarities and many differences. The particularity, in turn, is that perhaps it will be presented sooner than would be supposed, namely in the WWDC.

However, what will change? Theoretically, the Apple iPhone SE will have an A10 processor – the one found on the iPhone 7, for example -, and 2GB of RAM. This last data, in the iOS ecosystem, is little relevant, but it would be somewhat strange to see a processor launched in 2016 on a smartphone this year.

The Apple iPhone SE 2 has room in the market!

On the other hand, the Apple iPhone SE 2 will have, based on the rumors, two variants at the level of internal memory, that is, 32GB or 128GB. Something that also does not seem to make much sense, but that is pointed out by the rumor, is the fact that the terminal brings Touch ID.

Finally, the screen will reach 4.2 inches. This is probably the most controversial aspect of the rumor, since the change would not at all be significant and, at the same time, would mirror a setback for Apple.

After all, a “new” screen would require new adaptations by developers in programming their applications. That way, it will be slightly impossible to watch something like that.

Until then, we will have to wait to know what will happen.


  1. I wish dem no luck o. Fuck iphone n their overpriced obsolete exclusive gadgets. Android all the way. Who makes an expensive 4.2 inches phone for christ sake

  2. It’s good.. But truly I don’t create any likeness for the iPhone devices.. What so special??? Meanwhile I wish them best of luck. Thanks for the info.


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