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Apple iPhone: iOS Update 12.1.2 does not stop giving problems

Apple iPhone iOS Update 12.1.2 does not stop giving problems
Apple iPhone iOS Update 12.1.2

Recent times have not been easy for anyone who owns an Apple iPhone. The recent versions of its operating system have caused immense problems in the smartphones of the company. Problems that have not gone away with iOS 12.1.2.

The arrival of iOS 12.1.1 has caused some users to experience problems with their data connection. According to the reports, these anomalies were mainly felt in Turkey. As a result, Apple was quick to release an update to version 12.1.2.

That is, the idea would be to solve the problems in connecting data of the injured in that country. However, iOS 12.1.2 has further spread the problem, giving rise to similar reports from other markets around the globe.

iOS 12.1.2 for Apple iPhone continues to give problems

As if all this were not enough, we now have reports of more problems with iOS 12.1.2. Many Apple iPhone users are now experiencing problems with their smartphones’ Wi-Fi connection.

As Forbes puts it, this problem is spread across many markets. In fact, the complainants spread throughout Europe, North and South America and also Asia. That is, it is an increasingly global problem.

According to the reports, users have had trouble accessing the internet over Wi-Fi. As if that were not uncomfortable enough, some of them add to this anomaly the inability to connect via mobile data.

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As a result, there are several Apple iPhone scattered throughout this world transformed into pisa expensive paper. After all, one of the main advantages of having a smartphone is totally inaccessible to the problems generated by iOS 12.1.2.

Still, there are users who have managed to get around the problem. It has been mentioned that changing the settings of the Wi-Fi voice and data to data only has served to get around the problem. So if you’re suffering from the same problem, it’s worth it to try this method.

Finally, mention that Apple has not yet decided on the various problems generated by iOS 12.1.2. At this time there is already a beta for version 12.1.3, which lies the hope for an end to all these connectivity problems.


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