Apple iPhone 12 with MagSafe can disable pacemakers, says study


One of the main surprises when the new iPhone 12 was revealed was the inclusion of a set of magnets that allow, among other features , that smartphones be charged wirelessly. A recent study now draws attention to the potential dangers of this technology.

According to an article published in the Heart Rhythm Journal, MagSafe can severely interfere with some medical devices, including pacemakers.

MagSafe for iPhone 12 may interfere with medical devices

After IRB approval, the authors demonstrate that an Apple iPhone 12 brought into immediate proximity to Medtronic ICD will suspend tachy therapies (figure). The ICD community should be aware of this interaction, and include this in pt counseling.

– HeartRhythm (@hrs_journal) January 5 2021

Experts point out that the problem does not lie in the amount of magnets present in the iPhone 12 but rather in its strength of attraction. The study points to a strong possibility that a device with MagSafe can deactivate a pacemaker when in its proximity.

The pacemaker is a medical device that aims to regulate the heartbeat. Especially in the case of a lower heart rate, irrigation of the brain and other organs can be compromised leading to symptoms such as dizziness, fainting or tiredness.

The idea of ​​this study is to draw attention to the need to take measures to ensure that there are no incidents. Companies that manufacture devices are asked to consider using smarter configuration options in order to preserve users’ health.

The suggestion is even to adopt infrared sensors or ultrasonic wave emitters that reduce the possibility of interference with other sources that will necessarily be present in the environment.

Apple says there is no danger in using the technology

in the face of an isolated test with Medtronic devices, it will be interesting to follow this subject and look at the results of further investigation.

There has long been talk of the potential health risk of devices that we carry all days, with the results almost always pointing to some harmlessness.

Apple refers to medical Device in some support materials, stating that the magnets present on the iPhone 12 do not jeopardize the use of this tip devices or user safety.

Despite this, it may be better to be careful when using MagSafe if you use or know someone who uses a pacemaker to regulate your cardiac activity.

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