Apple iPad Pro 2018 Video shows what Apple's next tablet will look like

The Apple iPad Pro 2018 is expected to be official later this month. Although the company of Cupertino has not officialized the date of presentation of the new Mac and iPad, it is believed that this can happen in October or beginnings of November.

Since the iPhone XR hits the market in late October I assume Apple did not want to distract users with new products until it’s released.

Even so, it is expected that Apple unveils this year a new Apple iPad Pro 2018. This new iPad should be the first with FaceID, unlock format equal to the new iPhones, remove the home button and offer us reduced margins.

Apple iPad Pro 2018 will arrive with Face ID and no 3.5 “input for headphones

According to the images and video rendering of the well-known @OnLeaks, which rarely misses, the new tablet of the American company should still remove the 3.5 “input for the headphones.

This withdrawal was planned. We can see in the video that the Apple iPad Pro 2018 should be thinner than the predecessor and since it has fewer margins, less space exists for the 3.5 “input for headphones.

Still, I do not think the problem is space. Apple has been trying for more than a year to boost sales of its AirPods and a 3.5 “input ruins that.

Finally, it is expected that this Apple iPad Pro 2018 will offer us a metal construction, as in previous versions. That is, it is not from this that we have a giant glass or possibility of charging wirelessly.

In short, the new Apple iPad Pro 2018 will come with everything the best Apple has to offer. However, do not expect the gadget to come at a nice price.


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