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Apple iOS 13: Dark Mode and more improvements on the way!

Apple iOS 13 Dark Mode and more improvements on the way!

The Apple iOS 13 will be revealed officially in June. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) happens every year at this point, and it appears that it will not change.

Therefore, it is good to know that the Cupertino company is already having considerable improvements to the new software. According to  BloombergiOS 13 will feature Dark Mode, CarPlay enhancements, new ways to organize files on the iPad, and a new “Home” for the tablet. 

That is, it is likely that the new Apple iOS 13 will bring more news for the tablet than for the iPhone itself. The truth is that iOS 12 has already removed one of the biggest frustrations ever in the operating system of the Cupertino company. I am obviously talking about the system of notifications that are now grouped together.

Dark Mode is almost guaranteed

Dark Mode has long been asked to appear on the Apple iOS, but Tim Cook continues to insist that the time is not yet right. The Apple iOS 13 should be the system that will bring it.

Since Google will bring Dark Mode on Android Q natively, Apple is also expected to do so. Not just to keep up with the competition but to save battery power on the iPhone.


Although the battery of Apple smartphones has improved considerably after the iPhone X, Dark Mode will cause the OLED screen to spend little. That is, we will have better battery management and a slightly different design. Two wishes come true.

The information also states that the system on the iPad will be improved. According to Bloomberg, the iPad will feature a new “Home”. We will also have improvements in the application of “files” and the addition of Tabs in specific applications.

It also promises that CarPlay will be improved and that more applications will be able to interact with our car with the system.

Finally, it was also mentioned that new products are about to arrive. These two subscription services are of the Apple Music genre. However, it will be related to online video and magazines. Let’s see what this is about. I honestly just wanted to also have the ability to tweak the icons the way I want!


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