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The Concept video of Apple iOS 13 update

The Concept video of Apple iOS 13 update

The iOS 12 update doesn’t contain as many new features as Apple focused on improving the performance and stability of the new system version. According to rumors, the version of iOS 13 will contain much more new features, including an updated home screen.

So far, Apple hasn’t even made any hints of iOS 13 updates, so we can only imagine what the new version of the system will look like. For example, a concept video from iOS 13 shows an updated home screen, improved multitasking features, the ability to protect specific applications with a password, etc.

One of the most desirable features of iOS 13 is dark mode, an “Always On” display and multi-user support.

Obviously, this is only a concept, so it’s unlikely that these functions will be in the official version of iOS 13. However, Apple can be inspired by the features shown in the video and make them only better.


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