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Apple: indecision could jeopardize the launch of the foldable iPhone

In recent weeks there have been several rumors about the first foldable smartphone from Apple. However, this avalanche of news seems to be far from signifying the proximity of the launch of this device.

In fact, as supported by the new report from The Elec , the launch of the first foldable iPhone is concerned. All because Apple is undecided about the launch of this irreverent device.

Apple’s indecisiveness may push its foldable to 2024

Initially scheduled to hit the market at 2023 , Apple’s first foldable can be pushed in even later. As the source of this report points out, this Device will never reach the market before 2024.

iPhone dobrável

This delay is not due to problems in accessing the components for the construction of the Device. The problem lies within Apple itself, with Apple becoming increasingly unsure of its bet.

Samsung will present itself as the main barometer for its rival in the study of this market. Although the South Korean leads this niche, the numbers of units sold are not high enough to convince Apple that this will be a winning bet.

Therefore, the performance of Samsung’s next folders may be decisive for Apple’s final decision. A drop in sales of South Korean foldables could undermine the hopes of those who crave a foldable iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is Apple’s inspiration

Samsung’s folding cup will be Apple’s main inspiration for its rival product. The idea will be to develop a device with dimensions similar to those of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but with the possibility of folding the screen for better portability.

Additionally, Apple considers the inclusion of support for Apple Pencil, until now exclusive to iPads. This will give greater productivity to your folding and will present itself as one of its main draws.

Samsung does not present itself to Apple only as an inspiration in the folding market. From the South Korean will come the flexible screens, an important part for the development of a product that is now placed in limbo.

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