Home Apple Apple hires Telsa Senior designer; Will Autonomous Cars Come?

Apple hires Telsa Senior designer; Will Autonomous Cars Come?

Apple hires Telsa Senior designer Will Autonomous Cars Come
Andrew Kim

Since 2015, Apple has been steadily entering the freelance car industry. In September 2018, Apple was able to establish itself as the owner of the third largest autonomous car fleet in the United States. Now the hiring of Andrew Kim, a former auto designer at Tesla, reaffirms Apple’s ambition.

Kim was previously hired by Microsoft, where he drew attention by spearheading the company’s minimalist rebranding in mid-2012. Following that success story, Kim spent two years at Tesla as senior design manager. Now, his LinkedIn reveals that since the beginning of December, he’s officially on Apple’s design teams.

Apple does not speak openly about its standalone car program, but patent filings show that it is interested in developing augmented reality augmentation. Kim’s expertise at Tesla could bring more than just car aesthetics to the company, but it’s speculation that perhaps Apple is taking on the business of self-propelled vehicles.


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