Apple has sold 500 million iPads in 10 years

The new iPad 2020 and 10.2-inch iPad Air weren’t the only surprises revealed by Apple when it came to its line of tablets. During Tuesday’s keynote, Tim Cook revealed sales figures for his famous devices, two years after the company stopped reporting sales of individual units.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple has sold more than 500 million iPads in the decade since it debuted its first tablet in April 2010 when it was introduced by Steve Jobs himself.

Apple reveals sales of its iPad line

Before the announcement of the two new iPad models presented during the keynote on September 15, Cook declared an estimate of the total sales of his famous tablets and detailed that 52% of customers were new to the iPad. He also stressed that the line of tablets ranked “first among competitors in customer satisfaction.”

Since its launch in 2010, the iPad has been presented as a device with features that position it as an accessory _ “much better than a laptop, much better than a phone” _ and 10 years later the company continues to rely on this premise.

During the presentation of the iPad Air 10.2 inches, those of the bitten apple highlighted its power even “superior to laptops in the same price range today.”

With the launch of both the iPad Air and the iPad 2020, Apple completes the refresh that began during the first quarter of the year with the introduction of the iPad Pro. And like their predecessor, these new models are expected to be just as successful in sales, thanks to the uptick seen by tablets with increased learning from home and remote work.

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