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Apple has removed more than 600 applications from the App Store

Apple has recently published its transparency report detailing legal requests from various countries. Between July and December 2018, Apple received applications to remove certain applications from the App Store. There were 634 apps removed in about 80 orders.

Countries that requested removal of apps from the App Store

  • Vietnam
  • Austria
  • Kuwait
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey
  • Lebanon
  • Netherlands

Apple did not disclose which applications were removed but explained the reason for the removals. In the case of Vietnam and Austria, the apps were removed for violating the laws of the countries in relation to gambling. Other countries have argued that certain apps were infringing privacy laws.

Apple receives thousands of requests for access to Device

In 2018, Apple received more than 12,000 applications for access to Apple Device for reasons of police investigation. The country issuing more applications is Germany, with the United States in second place.

In addition, requests for access to iCloud are also constant. Over the past month, nearly 5,000 accounts have been requested by Apple authorities. However, Apple did not give more details specifying the cases.

Perspectively, in the Lusi lands, Apple received only 139 applications.

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