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Apple Glasses: this could be the interface design for Augmented Reality glasses!

Apple did not mention their Apple Glasses at all at their WWDC event 20, but famous leakers like Jon Prosser and other sources has shared details about the arrival of this new Augmented Reality gadget. However, designer Jordan Singer created a concept of what the glasses interface would look like.

Jordan Singer was inspired by the iOS presentation 14, during WWDC 20. The concept is certainly interesting and if the Apple Glasses become a reality, you shouldn’t shy away from it.


The first image shows us the interface of what would be a message notification with Apple Glasses. The notification appears in the upper right corner, in order to be more natural for the user and not obstruct the main view.


The same example but with a phone call. There are two icons in the notification, one to answer the call with a touch, presumably on the stem of the glasses. The other icon is to answer the call through AirPods, again, probably by touching them, as it is already possible to do when paired with an Apple device.


This is one of the most requested examples on Apple Maps. During navigation, the user receives the necessary directions to make his trip, just as he would receive in the iPhone version app.


Finally, the connection of the Apple Glasses to a compatible car is demonstrated, where the user can locate his vehicle, in a car park.

What did you think of the Apple Glasses interface design? Is this the way Apple will launch its Augmented Reality glasses? Tell us in the comments.

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