Home NEWS Apple Fortnite for iOS is leaving millions of frustrated players

Apple Fortnite for iOS is leaving millions of frustrated players

Apple Fortnite for iOS is leaving millions of frustrated players

Fortnite is currently the most popular Battle Royale game  in the world, leaving second to PUBG. With several million active players, it is normal for all small problems to take on ‘exaggerated’ proportions. Especially its iOS version, on Apple devices.

Well, that’s what is happening on iOS. Players using an Apple iPhone to play Fortnite have filed large-scale complaints with Epic Games. Reports involve performance issues and graphics rendering.

The problems started after the most recent update of Fortnite for iOS, with the game presenting several performance problems. Among the various problems reported, the most prominent were lag problems  and poor rendering of graphics.

Epic Games has already recognized that the Fortnite version for Apple devices is experiencing some difficulties, but that its  developers are already working on a solution. Although it has been confirmed that a fix for these issues will be released as soon as possible, no date has been revealed.

Fortnite for Apple devices will see problems solved soon

I recall that after a recent update, both the Mac and Windows versions presented similar problems. However, for both platforms was promptly released a  patchthat solved all performance problems.

The official of the Epic Games statement confirmed until they had already developed a solution to the problems in question, and was just waiting for the  patch to be made available so that it could be made available.


The Fortnite for iOS proved to be a true “golden egg hen” for Epic Games. Since its launch in March, it has been a real gold mine. Revenue of more than 100 million euros in revenues during its first 90 days.

For this reason, Epic Games needs to invest all its resources in keeping users of Apple devices happy. Otherwise, they risk seeing their incomes begin to plummet.


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