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Apple fined $ 25,000 a day in lawsuit with Qualcomm

The amount, $ 25,000 for each new day of delay was established based on the profit obtained by Apple every 16 seconds. Yes, that’s right.

Apple and Qualcomm are not exactly in the best of terms. Both companies are involved in a legal dispute that has been going on for several months.

Indeed, Cupertino’s technology has been fined $ 25,000 a day until it finally stops dragging its feet and delaying the process. At issue, according to  Bloomberg is the decision of a court in San Jose, California. The reason was Apple’s delay in providing the evidence requested by the court in the course of that procedure.

This time, Apple will be fined $ 25,000 for each new day of delay. Effective December 16, until the evidence, is brought to the trial court headed by the Federal Trade Commission. This same federal trade commission sued Qualcomm earlier this year for anti-competitive practices. In effect would be the benefits (lower fees) granted to Apple vs. the fees applied to any other developer who wanted to use some Qualcomm patent/technology.

These tests are necessary to the normal process of the process with Qualcomm. The amount, $ 25,000 for each new day of delay was established based on the profit obtained by Apple every 16 seconds. Yes, that’s right.The US judge, Nathanael Cousins, has taken this sanctioning measure in the face of Apple’s deliberate delay in providing the evidence.

Indeed, despite being fined, the giant of Cupertino, who according to the financial report of the last year every 16 seconds has a profit that equals the amount of the penalty. So, according to court estimates, even though $ 25,000 a day is a substantial sum, it’s only 16 seconds a day for Apple to get back this figure.

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The technology of Cupertino has until December 29 to provide all the evidence required by the court. So that the process follows the normal course. If they fail to comply with the established, They will be fined (a penalty will be applied) much higher.

According to an Apple spokesperson. ” We have already provided millions of documents to this process and are working to provide millions more. Everything for which the process normally takes place. However, the evidence has been demanded at an unprecedented pace. ” Statements by Josh Rosenstock that he had accepted the wish to appeal against that decision to a higher court.

In short, this process will still have several stages and it would not be advisable to deny the existence of more incidents.

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