Apple explained the cause of the error during the demonstration of the Face ID

During the first demonstration of the Face ID Craig Federighi on iPhone X presentation was a small gaffe. His reason was not the fault of the new authentication technology, but rather in its design.

Apple explained what happened:

“Employees in advance carried the smartphone on the scene and did not notice that Face-ID tried to identify their face. Because it was not the face of Craig’s happened a few mistakes, and the iPhone has done what he had – I ask for a password. In other words, Face ID technology worked exactly as it should be. ”

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You can reconstruct the situation with Touch ID yourself. Just click a few times on the sensor finger strangers, and after five attempts iPhone prompts for the password. The same thing happened with Face ID.

But still, there was a blooper. Yes, Face-ID technology worked as it should be, but the incident spoiled the impression from the presentation.


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