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Apple: don't expect the iPhone 12 Pro camera to be the best smartphone!

The iPhone 12 Pro was revealed with the other models and one of the factors that Apple gave more emphasis was on your camera. At the presentation the iPhone cameras 12 Pro promise the world.

However, the well-known DXOMark, evaluator of cameras and cameras for smartphones, said that this smartphone will not have the best camera on the market. At least when it comes to the 5x zoom.

DXOMark talks about the iPhone camera 12 Pro

Apple iPhone 12

The final rating of the iPhone cameras 12 Pro have not yet come out, however, first impressions are not the best. DXOMark mentioned in its Weibo (Chinese social network) account, that the iPhone 12 Pro did not have the best market camera.

The Device’s telephoto lens has been updated from 52 mm to 65 mm and supports 5x optical zoom. There are some updates, however, still less than 100 mm + lenses from other manufacturers.

After the controversy generated, DXOMark wanted to further clarify the situation and stated that “ Due to a translation error, the publication on the iPhone 12 Pro Max caused some confusion. We apologize. Here, we clarify our original intention:

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is equipped with 3 13 mm chambers, 26 mm and 65 mm, which can achieve a 5x zoom. As we all know, the fa competing Asian players are constantly updating their zoom lenses and some are even equipped with telephoto lenses 100 mm or more that can reach zoom of 10 x. So, what impact do these zoom lenses have on photo quality? You will have to wait for our review.

From what we understand the iPhone 12 Pro Max will not have the best zoom quality on the market. At least that is what leaves us thinking. It is expected that the evaluation of the cameras of the new iPhone 12 arrive soon, so don’t worry because we will be watching.

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