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Apple Computers named the most reliable

Apple Computers named the most reliable
Apple not only sells most computers in the US, but it is also the most reliable manufacturer, avoiding competitors like Samsung, Dell and Lenovo.
This was shown by a study conducted by Rescuecom on the basis of its own data. This network of services specializes in restoring data from damaged computers. In the rating, compiled based on the analysis, Apple received an excellent rating (A +) and 665 points of reliability. Samsung in second place significantly loses – here this figure was only 270 points. In third place Lenovo, followed by Microsoft, Dell and Acer. The list of HP and Asus closes.
The reliability scores in question are the ratio of the total number of computers sold to the number of those that came to repair Rescuecom. Note that in addition to the general subjectivity of such a rating in relation to Apple is one detail. The fact is that Rescuecom deals with macs for less than a year (previously Apple computers were not serviced there). At the same time, as a service that works with Windows-based computers, Rescuecom has long established itself. 
The report also specified individual models – Lenovo ThinkPad 13, Microsoft Surface Book 2 and a few others – which are also highly reliable.


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