Apple changes guidelines in its store to avoid getting pranks on subscriptions

Games and apps stores are increasingly searching for new ways to curb illegal actions on their platforms. This is the case at Apple. The company has adjusted the guidelines for programs that offer signatures in the App Store on Monday (28). Now the plans need to make it clear what benefits a person will have in signing them and other new rules.

The proposal is to make fewer and fewer users fall for signature proposals that do not deliver on what they promise or download an app believing it to be free, but that is paid after a certain demonstration period.

In this way, Apple introduced the new guidelines with clear images on its website. For example, the app should highlight the main benefits that the subscription offers so that the user can charge the company if it is not fulfilled.

Example of AppleExample of presentation deemed adequate by the company (Photo: Press / Apple)

Another modification is that there must be a button inside the application itself so that the user can manage their signatures in that program (if there is obviously), preventing him from having to follow the steps of going to the device settings to cancel a subscription .

For programs with tests for up to three days, the developer needs to make it clear that the functionality will be charged after a period. With this, Apple has demanded that you use continuity verbs such as to start or continue on the buttons to download these app, making it clear that there may be a change in the way.

Some platforms may also use systems outside the App Store to offer their signatures. For example, Spotify and Netflix already do it exactly through your site, without going through Apple.


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