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Apple changed the requirements for application developers

Apple has sent all the developers of applications for iOS new requirements for publication in the App Store. They are connected to the iPhone X and its unusual display with a new aspect ratio and a cutout at the top. Note that earlier Apple demanded that all programs and games support 64-bit processors.


Apple said that from April this year, the App Store will skip apps that support iOS 11 SDK, including Xcode 9 or later. In addition, all new programs for the iPhone, including universal ones, should be optimized for the Super Retina display of the iPhone X.


Thus, the “apple” company wants that the owners of the iPhone X as soon as possible stopped using not optimized for the screen of this smartphone applications. At the moment, the App Store still has a lot of programs, including those from Apple itself, which are incorrectly displayed on the “top ten”.

The new requirement also confirms rumors that the following iPhone models will be implemented in the design of the iPhone X.

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  1. Wow! This is cool.
    Developers got work to do.
    Thanks for info

  2. Harun Khalid Adeiza

    Another work for all the developers be that.. With Time they will get use to it again.. Thanks for the info.

  3. This new implementation is never a burden to the developers. They are always ready for any tax.

  4. Well it’s okay change is constant, more work for them

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