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Apple begins to reopen stores worldwide
Apple begins to reopen stores worldwide

Apple begins to reopen stores worldwide

According to Bloomberg, Apple will reopen two of its stores in Japan to reopen on May 27. The stores are located in Fukuoka and Nagoya Sakae. However, it is not known when the rest of the country’s stores will reopen.

The truth is that Apple has reopened stores all over the world like in Australia, Germany, Austria, South Korea, Switzerland, the United States and even Italy. The outbreak of COVID-19 forced the apple company to close all its stores, when quarantine measures began to be applied.

In the case of Japan, the Prime Minister raised the state of emergency in the country. As a result, several of the restrictions that prevented businesses from opening are no longer in effect, allowing Apple to start reopening its physical stores. In relation to Portugal, retailers have so far remained closed.


Apple reopened stores but with some restrictions

As expected, Apple did not reopen stores so that consumers could “flood”. There are several precautions to keep at the entrance of the store and even the number of customers inside the store has to be reduced, similar to what is done at retailers in Portugal and the rest of the world.

Security measures start by taking the temperature off customers before they enter. Each store will have guidelines where reaching a certain number of people, they cannot enter anymore. In addition, the service will be done individually, where an employee serves only one customer.

Apple also plans to set up collection and delivery points in stores. These are points where the customer can easily collect purchases or leave Device for repair without entering the store, maintaining a safer distance.

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