Apple attacks Google and Alexa in giant advertising in Las Vegas

It happens now in January every year the CES event in Las Vegas. Apple decided to attack Amazon’s Google and Alexa with a huge publicity saying “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.”

Needless to say, Apple was inspired by the well-known Las Vegas slogan that says “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” However, he added the little trick when talking about Google and Amazon.

While Google and Amazon deny that Google Home and Alexa are leaking information to give more concrete publicity, evidence that something is happening is clear.

Apple continues to focus on user privacy in an advertising form.

It is no longer the first time that Apple falls on Google, Amazon or Facebook due to the lack of privacy of its users.

The Cupertino company guarantees that everything on your iPhone is just yours. The truth is that we’ve seen soap operas between Apple and the US government on this issue. At one point the FBI wanted to unlock an iPhone from an attack and (even under the circumstances) Apple refused. This so that a habit was not created in “unlocking” smartphones of its users to the security agencies.

Analysts warn that Apple may be preparing to be the next Nokia

Since Apple is not in the advertising business, you do not necessarily need to know more than you know. However, it is important to note that there are applications – such as Facebook – that even on the iPhone have too much data. It is up to each user to choose what he wants.

In short, CES19 is here and there we will see lots of gadgets with Google Home and Alexa installed. Apple simply wants to draw attention to the dangers of these services.


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