Home NEWS Apple apologizes for the bug recently found on Facetime

Apple apologizes for the bug recently found on Facetime

Apple apologizes for the bug recently found on Facetime

Recently a worrying bug in Facetime application has been discovered. In short, this Apple application issue called into question the privacy of all users when they started a video group call.

A few days later, the giant of Cupertino already came to admit this problem and also to make an apology to its users. This statement was recently reported by CNBC.

In the statement issued by Apple we can read that the bug in Facetime is already fixed on the side of the servers. This means that technology engineers have already identified the source of the problem and, above all, have already eliminated it.

Apple has already fixed the bug in Facetime that flooded the internet in recent days

However, it should be noted that the functionality that has been suspended is not yet available to users. It will be only next week that Apple will present us with the correct fix for the bug found on Facetime.

In addition, the company from Cupertino took the opportunity to thank the Thompson family for the discovery of this failure. This message implies that, after all, the efforts undertaken by this family have not been totally in vain.



Still in the same statement, Apple could not restrain from making an apology to all those harmed. Not surprisingly, the Cupertino company stresses, once again, that it takes the issue of the safety of its users very seriously.

The source of all this problem

It all started mid-week and now ends with the discovery of a bug that calls into question the privacy of all Facetime users. In short, it was possible to access the microphone of the person who was calling you, even before you answered the call.

This phenomenon occurred when someone started a group call in the Apple application. While your iPhone “tapped”, you just add another contact to the call to get previous access to the microphone of who was calling.

In addition, there is a condition on which the sender could gain access to the camera of your device. In this case, this could be exploited when you used the power button to silence the call you were receiving.

Finally, to point out again that all these problems are already properly resolved by Apple. Therefore, the company says that an update will be released during the next week for all its users, in order to put everything back in its normal state.



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