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Apple announces record sales in the App Store on the first day of 2019

As has already become tradition, Apple today announced the results of App Store revenue during the festive season. But, this year, the results even really hit records!

The Cupertino company revealed that only on the first day of 2019, its users spent more than 282 million euros in its application store. Making way for last year’s record (263 million).

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But that was not his only record. Also during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, App Store revenue was the highest ever, exceeding one billion euros.

Apple celebrates sales records in the App Store, but do you know why it might have been the last time?

According to the manufacturer, during this festive season, the categories that generated most revenue were gaming and personal care applications. Recall that in these statistics, all purchases of Apps, in-app purchases and service subscriptions are accounted for.

As for the games, as expected, the most popular/profitable were Fortnite, PUBG, Brawl Stars ( a brutal game! ), Asphalt 9 and Monster Strike. On the other hand, in the other applications have won 1Password, Sweat and Lumosity.

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But most likely this may have been the last time that Apple had the opportunity to celebrate a record of this kind. If you follow Androidvillaz up close, you already know that Apple applies a 15% charge on all transactions made through the iTunes / App Store.

App Store


Companies that have very successful applications/games, end up seeing a large chunk of their revenue ‘absorbed’ by Apple. As might be expected, many of them are already studying and applying ways to avoid this rate.

So far, we’ve seen Netflix disable the ability for your users to make new subscriptions or renew subscriptions through iTunes, which will bring a huge cut to revenue from the app store.

On the other hand, we also have Epic Games, which has already launched its own application/gaming store. However, it will certainly be tricky for the company to find a way out of this rate. Still, they will certainly be studying alternatives.

Lastly, it will not be surprising if we see several other companies adopting the same kind of Netflix strategy. With the intention of trying to keep 100% of its revenues. So the most likely is that the revenue level of the App Store in late 2019 is not so high.

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