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Apple: Analysts believe the new iPhones will make history

Apple Analysts believe the new iPhones will make history

Apple is poised to unveil the new iPhones in September. Although the leaks of information are not many and the rumors abound. It is believed that the company of Cupertino will not change much its modus operandi.

We will have a new product, it is true, however, I want to refer more to the design and features of the next iPhones.

A few days ago I wrote an article to indicate why I was not really enthusiastic about the launch of the new iPhones and I explained that I am an iPhone X user and do not expect big news from my device.

However, analysts believe this year may prove to be incredible for the American manufacturer.

The new iPhones will be inspired by the Apple iPhone X 

A study by  GBH Insights  predicts that Apple will sell more than 350 million new iPhones in the space of 18 months. This is due to the change in line design.

The iPhone X brought a new design, though, it also gave us a low price advantage. Not all Apple lovers have been able to spend € 1179 on new equipment.


The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus also did not have great design news compared to previous models. That is, many consumers are waiting for this moment. The timing where the Tim Cook company will bring a complete line with a new design and lower the price of its “novelty”.

If indeed the cracked apple company bring such a 6.1 “inch iPhone with LCD screen and a more competitive price I fully believe that these predictions will come true. Apple may not be the most “open” or “affordable” company in the world, yet it has a serious impact on global technology evolution.


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