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Apple AirPods: Headphones exploded for no apparent reason

The new Apple headphones hit the market to leave the strands behind. The Apple AirPods is Apple’s first wireless headset and promises to slowly replace the Cupertino company’s typical EarBuds.

In addition to being wireless, AirPods are a little smarter than normal wireless headphones. The form of pairing with Apple products is fascinating and the switching of connected devices is done in a simple and natural way.

However, like other wireless technology products, AirPods also have a small battery. This means that there is always a risk involved. I am obviously talking about spontaneous combustion for no apparent reason.

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A man in Florida, USA, claims that his AirPods simply exploded for no reason. In the interview, the man by the name of Jason claims that his AirPods began to smoke from nothing.

After pulling out the Apple AirPods and landing them on a gym machine, Jason went to get help to figure out what was going on. When he returned it was verified that the AirPod of the right side was damaged and with vestiges of a small explosion.

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The report can be seen in the video below brought by a television station in the United States of America. The Cupertino company has already responded to the situation and indicates that it is studying what happened and that it takes all situations of the sort with extreme seriousness.

This is not to say that all Apple AirPods will start to explode, however, it takes into account that the battery technology of the technological products is severely delayed compared to the rest.

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