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[APP][4.0+] MultiWindowSidebar v1.3 – Samsung-like MultiWindow Sidebar


                                                         MultiWindow Sidebar
APP][4.0+] MultiWindowSidebar v1.3 – Samsung-like
MultiWindow Sidebar
MultiWindow Sidebar
This app is a sidebar app that mimics the Samsung
MultiWindow FlashBar.
This app supports all devices, Android 4.0 and above,
although it is made specially to complement XMultiWindow &
XHaloFloatingWindow Xposed Modules.
If you use XMultiWindow or XHaloFloatingWindow modes,
you can launch a split view app by dragging the icon out of
the sidebar to the top or bottom.

After Installing, please do this initial setup
• Choose the apps to appear in the sidebar with Select Apps
• Choose the method to launch apps using App Launch Mode
• (Optional) Enable Start on Boot
• Start the sidebar using Toggle Service
To Launch Apps, there are 2 modes.
• Tap an app to open it
• Drag an app to the respective location on the screen
You can customize what apps (PA Halo,
XHaloFloatingWindow, XMultiWindow or Normally) to open
when tapping or dragging
• You can remap the keys with XButtonActions or
GravityBox to call the “Toggle MultiWindowSidebar” icon.
Remap the long press back button to have a Samsung-style
• To show and hide the sidebar, you can call also these
intents using gesture apps or remapping your device’s keys.

Special Thanks
• @EatHeat
• @LovewuChin
• Samsung for MultiWindow Flashbar
• @jazzespressoNewes

Newest Changelog
Version 1.3 (06 June 2014 / 1610 / GMT+8)
• Add Galaxy S4 theme
• Add Galaxy S5 theme (Thanks xPr0metheus for helping)
• Add long press tab to drag sidebar to another side
• Allow sidebar position to be changed without restarting
• Allow sidebar theme to be changed without restarting
• Increase sensitivity of click tab to close sidebar function
• Decrease move sensitivity of tab (hidden sidebar)
• Fix FC when stopping the service while the sidebar is open
• Fix XMultiWindow Mode detecting landscape as portrait
• Remove duplicated “Main” and “Appearance” headers in the
• Cleanup Code
• Add Russian Translation by @ megakaban
• Update French Translation by @ Micks29

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