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Apex Legends will ‘punish’ cheaters by putting them to play against each other


Respawn, responsible for Apex Legends, continues its endless fight against cheating players or spammers who fill up the game chat with insults or issues that are nothing related to the game.

The company is working on a new way to pair players in competitive modes. Respawn claims that cheating or nasty players will be put to play against each other, leaving legitimate players in peace.

It is a method that can work quite effectively. Currently banning players is not enough because they create a new account next. This way, players will continue to play but with equally unpleasant people.

Clash Royale has a similar mechanics

The popular mobile game Clash Royale also uses ways to ‘punish’ players who try to circumvent the rules. Briefly, in the Clash Royale you collect trophies with each victory. The higher your level, the more trophies you receive.

However, there are players who, due to the difficulty of the higher levels, lose purposely. These players aim to download trophies to play against weaker or inexperienced players.

If you practice this method, you will be quickly placed with all other players who do the same. That way, you’ll be ‘doomed’ to playing games where you both want to lose purposefully, an obvious waste of time.

Respawn is working on even more anti-cheating measures

In a publication on Reddit, Respawn has revealed that it is using machine learning to create bots that automatically detect and ban cheat players.

Respawn added that it is considering adding two-factor authentication in certain regions, for the sake of security. The company is really doing everything for players to have a fair experience with Apex Legends and we can only give them credit for that.


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