Home NEWS Apex Legends success is saving EA shares on the stock exchange

Apex Legends success is saving EA shares on the stock exchange

Apex Legends success is saving EA shares on the stock exchange

Electronic Arts (EA) is having a hard time after seeing its stock market shares plummet in just one day. This decline was the sharpest in the last 20 years.

However, it looks like the new Battle Royale game is serving as a real oxygen bottle for the company. The immense success of Apex Legends is bringing new life to EA’s actions. That already have an increase of more than 16%.

These are excellent news, especially after the end of 2018 catastrophic. That led several EA executives to ‘drop’ millions of euros into shares. Demonstrating little faith in the company’s short-term success.

Electronic Arts may have found Apex Legends a ‘golden egg hen’

Although Apex Legends has been released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC for free. Already a good bet is being tried. The mere fact that the company’s stock has risen immediately, is already ‘bringing money’ back into EA’s coffers.

In addition, the ‘ copy past ‘ format of Fortnite will certainly translate into several million euros in revenue. Especially the incredible success he managed to achieve in just a few days, conquering more than 10 million players.

I am reminded that EA is also preparing to launch two very anticipated new games, Anthem and the new Star Wars. The company believes that both titles are of an enviable quality and this will be visible in its success.

EA bolsa Apex Legend


Thus, the current success and exponential growth of Apex Legends, coupled with the anticipated success of the two new games to be released soon. They should be able to forget the fiasco that was the launch of Battlefield V.

Finally, it is important to remember that the company is already developing plans to launch Apex Legends for Android and iOS. Certainly, this arrival to smartphones will make the game even more popular. Especially because it will offer cross-platform support similar to Fortnite.


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