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Apex Legends is proving to be more popular than Fortnite


After the arrival of PUBG and the affirmation of Fortnite with the most popular game of today. Many did not believe it was possible for a Battle Royale game to appear in front of the Epic Games title. However, Electronic Arts has released the new Apex Legends without any warning, and the results are surprising everything and everyone!

The level of success of the new game has been so great that comparisons with the growth of Fortnite are inevitable. Comparing side-by-side the release data of both games. Apex Legends is already much more popular than Fortnite.

On Monday, the CEO of Respawn, revealed that in just one week managed to exceed the mark of 25 million players. This revelation comes after we know that they had managed to exceed 10 million in just 72 hours.

Could it be that Apex Legends might become more popular than Fortnite?

Although these numbers are surprising , we will hardly see the new EA game overtake the Fortenite during the coming times. It is true that Fortnite took two weeks to reach the number of players Apex reached in just 72 hours.

However, we can not put aside the fact that the ‘fever’ of the Battle Royale games did not yet exist when Fortnite was released. On the other hand, at this time, with more than 200 million players, the Epic Games game itself was used as a launch pad for Apex.

Apex Legends 25

After its official launch, there were many  streamers  in Twitch who started playing the new game. Bringing the several thousand followers with him. Unsurprisingly, one of the most prominent winners was Ninja, who has more than 13 million followers.

Although it has had the ‘life a little facilitated’, this success remains more than reason to celebrate. The CEO of Respawn recalls that this is just the beginning of a great adventure. Since, Apex Legends will receive great news over the next month.

Like Fortnite, it will also implement “Seasons”. That will bring new content every month, and of course, increase the revenue margin generated by the game. We just have to wait to see what will be the growth trend of EA’s new game. But certainly it will soon start to slow down.


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