Home NEWS Android will show the detailed battery level of your Bluetooth headset

Android will show the detailed battery level of your Bluetooth headset

Android will show the detailed battery level of your Bluetooth headset

Google will improve the features of the Fast Pair service on Android. One of the new features that will arrive later this year is the information on the battery of the Bluetooth headset as well as its charging box.

This is one of the advantages that aims to make Bluetooth headsets better competitors Apple Airpods in terms of pairing and customization. The Fast Pair was announced in November of last year with Jaybird Tarah headphones, and Google has now announced 12 new compatible devices.

Here are compatible devices:

  • Anker Spirit Pro GVA
  • Anker SoundCore Flare (Speaker)
  • JBL Live 220BT
  • JBL Live 400BT
  • JBL Live 500BT
  • JBL Live 650BT
  • Jaybird Tarah
  • 1More Dual Driver BT ANC
  • LG HBS-SL5
  • LG HBS-PL5
  • Cleer Ally Plus

The Fast Pair aims to improve the pairing between Android smartphones. And below you can know the three new features announced by Google.

What the Fast Pair has again

  1. True Wireless (TWS) Features – Wireless headsets gain more and more space on the market, which is why Google wants to have a system that supports them. The TWS headphones with Fast Pair will thus from the end of this year show their battery and the charging box.

Supported devices will have access to the battery of each headphone as well as its charging box

  1. Find My Device – Fast Pair devices will soon be available in the Find My Device app and website. This way users can easily find lost devices. You will be able to see their location at the time they were last used, and have them play if they are “within the radius” of your Bluetooth.

Devices On – On Android Q, Fast Pair devices will have a detailed page to centralize usage and its main settings. Here you can find links to the Find My Device, Virtual Assistant settings (if supported), additional settings specific to the headphone manufacturer.

The page will give access to all details about your Bluetooth headset

It’s good to see Google making these advances, but the list is still quite short. It is normal for Airpods to be flawless when it comes to pairing since they are built for that ecosystem. But from the moment that Google announces the Fast Pair, it has to increase along with the manufacturers, the collection of compatible devices.


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