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Android TV: these are the best TVs in 2020

Smart TVs make our viewing experience much more complete and dynamic. There are several types of Smart TV available and in this article we have put together the best Smart TV TVs with Android, or Android TV, at 2020.

These TVs use the Android platform, just like smartphones. The system is developed for the TV, aiming to provide a better experience and performance with dedicated applications and these are the best purchase options.

Mi 4S – Xiaomi Smart TVs


The best price / quality ratio is found in Xiaomi's Mi 4S TVs, available in three sizes. Since 32 inches, by 179 €, a 43 inches by 349 €, to the top model with 55 inches and a price of 449 euros.

They are elegant , with aluminum finishes, thin and great for fixing on the wall. The remote has a button dedicated to Google Assistant and they all already incorporate Google Chromecast, in addition to using LCD screens with LED lighting.

Televisions use a quad-core processor a 49 -Bits from Mediatek with 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage in the two top models. The model with 32 '' has 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage, being the cheapest.

They use an IPS LCD screen with LED lighting and a resolution that goes up to 4K Ultra-HD. These are some of the best televisions for their unbeatable price / quality ratio, all with the Android TV operating system.

Xiaomi also has the Mi LED TV 4S 65 '', with resolution 4K and two columns of 10 W of power, being currently the most advanced model. The price in Portugal is 699 € in the official store, Mi Store.

LED TV – ES Series 560 from TCL


TCL has in the series ES 560 the cheapest televisions that we can find on the market in Portugal. The most popular model is 32 inches, being also the most economical, but a model with 40 inches.

They are LED IPS TVs with HDR technology, good brightness and vivid colors, besides being accurate, with the model of 32 '' having HD resolution and a density of 200 ppp. The version of 40 '' presents an increase in resolution, for FullHD, keeping the 200 ppp.

The highlight goes to Google's Android TV operating system, with rights PlayStore, virtual assistant and various integrated services such as Chromecast, as well as immediate access to Netflix, as well as YouTube.

You can find this Android TV from 169 € in Portugal.

OLED TV – Sony A1E Series


It is one of the best and most expensive Android Smart TV from Sony. It has a frameless design and OLED technology with HDR, a combination that produces brilliant image quality. The X1 Extreme processor, capable of transmitting in 4K the 100 Hz.

In addition to the image quality, its sound quality, known as acoustic surface, is innovative. The vibration of the screen can produce sound without affecting the television quality. There is also a subwoofer integrated in the TV stand.

This series is available in screen sizes 55, 65 and 77 inches. Without the need for backlight, we find a thinner screen, with a faster response time (1 ms), elegant and easy to view in a dark environment.

You can find this TV from 2399 €

Smart TV Android – Sony A8 OLED


Sony's A8 range uses OLED screens for deep blacks, with perfect contrast. To this is added one of the best processors used in an Android Smart TV, the Sony X1 with “Pixel Contrast Booster” that enhances the image point by point.

Sony uses “Acoustic Surface Audio” where the screen itself is vibrating and functioning as a speaker. In other words, sound and image work in harmony on OLED televisions with an elegant, thin and robust construction.

The A8 range, with 4K Ultra-HD and HDR resolution, has 43 '', Sony KD model – 55 A8, and 65 '', Sony KD model – 65 A8. The price of these Android Smart TVs in Portugal is 2199 € and 3199 € , respectively.

OLED TV – Philips Razor Slim (series 9 )


Philips also produces Android TVs in the OLED 9 series. This TV has powerful specifications, like the Ambilight 3 version. Ambilight provides a much more immersive experience when lighting the walls.

Uses OLED screen technology, and HDR also redefines color and contrast on the screen. The speakers use triple ring technology, which together with the DTS HD sound processing mechanism, we have a good sound experience.

You can find this TV from 2199 €

LED TV – Sony Bravia X Series 900 F


The Sony Bravia X series 900 F is one of Sony's best Android TV options. Similar to the A1E series, it features the X1 Extreme processor, which offers powerful real-time image processing capabilities. It is capable of rendering images in 4K.

Its wide range of colors combined with a powerful SDR to HDR remastering, produces clear and consistent images. This series includes screens with LED backlight, local “blackouts”, thus avoiding greater eye fatigue.

It is one of the best options for an LED TV, the image processor is phenomenal, with capacity upscalling in formats lower than 4K. Even for gaming, it is a more economical option, which deserves our attention.

You can find this series of TVs in Portugal from 939 €.

4K HDR Full Array LED TV – Sony XH 95


The XH model 95 uses the best technologies image and sound systems, which work together to provide an impressive viewing experience. The TV itself has tiny margins and a very elegant design.

Uses the Android TV operating system, so with Play Store, as well as Google's Chromecast, something that facilitates access to content, services and devices. It is compatible with Google Home Device, Google's virtual assistant and Alexa.

Televisions in this range use Sony's X1 Ultimate processor, including Sound-from-Picture Reality technology, which offers users the feeling that the sound comes directly from the screen.

It is available in Portugal from 1399 € (49''), up until 4499 € on the TV with 85 inches.

LED TV – Hisense H9E Plus and H 9100 E Plus

Hi Sense

They are now more popular due to Hisense's affiliation with the FIFA football world cup. With ULED technology, Dolby Vision and a wide range of colors, these TVs offer 4K content with an ultra-motion refresh rate of 120 Hz.

HDR is also used to improve and present a special image enhancement. The audio experience is balanced, similar to a soundbar , and is produced by Harman Kardon . Which makes audio quality better than usual.

More difficult to find in Portugal, this model is available from 599 €

LED TV – TCL TV 65 “C6

televires android tcl

Most of the people already knows the Roku version of TCL. The company also produces Smart TVs based on Android, but with the same quality as Roku. This version of Android TV is based on Android Nougat and can play 4K content.

With HDR, you can produce stunning and incomparable image quality. This combination offers natural, richer colors with precise dark and light tones. The sound system is Harman Kardon, one of the leaders in the audio industry.

You can find this TV in Portugal from 800 €

As car Android TV features in 4 points

  1. Easy setup
  2. Intuitive use
  3. Wide range of applications and products
  4. Search system is one of the best and most complete

Tip: In order to avoid the rare, burn-in's of the OLED screen, you should pay attention to the content of the same. Do not use the TV on static channels for more than 10H-12 in a row. The availability of models in Portugal varies depending on the manufacturer.

Android TV brings several layers of content, that is, there is a line of content specific to Sony, followed by apps like Netflix , Amazon Video, Google Play Store and Play Music, Play Movies & TV, YouTube , etc.

If you use an Android smartphone or tablet, you can use your device to control the Android TV, from the application Sony SideView . The Google Assistant remains vital, and is a key “piece” to integrate Android TV.

Android TVs also have Chromecast built-in, which simplifies casting from mobile devices. Logitech and Razer gaming controllers also allow pairing with the TV.

Get to know the best Android TV boxes and, before you buy, understand the differences between QLED vs OLED. See also the list of the best TVs for budgets up to 400 €.

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