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The new Sony Xperia XA2 and L2, presented at CES 2018

Android – the strange case of smartphones Sony Xperia

Sony. If there was no Samsung in this mobile market, nor an Apple. Just this brand and its Sony Xperia with Android. In this alternative universe, I believe that many of our readers would not be surprised if they were born in the 80’s of last century. At which point the Japanese giant completely dominated the world of technology.

Although it was currently subjugated in the mobile market by Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi and others, a few decades ago no other brand compared to it. Especially in Japan, Sony led the audio, video and home electronics market. Going back to 2018, the scenario is quite distinct, especially after in 2015 the brand has sold some of its departments as the Vaio PC line.

Sony is going through a very troubled phase, in fact, this is something that has been dragging for several years. To counter this stagnation the brand tried to bet on several fronts. From PlayStation to Android smartphones, their Sony Xperia. One of this range of products would come out very well.

What is the future of Sony Xperia in the Android market?

Even so, the Sony Xperia with the Android operating system is an assiduous presence in the mobile market. Especially since the Japanese brand started developing and launching smartphones in its own name, separating from Ericson. Incidentally, in early 2013 when the brand introduced the Sony Xperia Z the future looked promising.

This Android smartphone would add a level of robustness never before seen in the mobile market. It was the first IP57 flagship Android flagship, something that made it immune to freshwater submersions. Not to mention its OmniBalance design. Of incredible beauty and simplicity, at times it seemed that Sony could stand up to Samsung that would launch that year the Galaxy S4. The hypothesis has passed …

Now Sony is very embarrassed in Europe. Its new Sony Xperia already has Android Oreo, being the first to be updated. However, they are devices that only the brand’s fans end up buying. To contain the costs and try to go back to several years of losses, the investment of this Japanese conglomerate in  Marketing and advertising is … tiny. Whimsy up.

The new Sony Xperia arrive in stores, are seen in some famous photos and soon after end up forgotten on the shelf. Close to the BlackBerry or the Lumia. Some are referred to again when they receive an update from Android, where Sony is particularly good, by the way.

Xperia Z would bring a new standard of quality to the Android market

Your Sony Xperia also ends up lasting a long time. The top tops ie. After having used several generations of Z-line products, none of them would have been technically flawed. Now, about to make four years of existence next April, the Sony Xperia Z2 works just as well as on the first day I received it.

It seems paradigmatic therefore the disappearance of Sony’s mobile market and the Android world. Their products have never been cheap and the truth is that there are lots of Chinese alternatives with so good or better price/quality.

Since 2013 the Android market would change, the Sony Xperia … no.

And what does this mean? Is Sony simply laying the towel on the floor? Will you focus more on PlayStation, the industry that has made the most of it in recent years? The new Sony Xperia L2 and Sony Xperia XA2/XA2 Ultra were recently introduced. With large margins,  notorious bezels, and the same design as ever.In Portugal, Huawei would have rolled out Sony in a matter of years. In the east, the Xiaomi spread through the various global markets. Even OnePlus can turn heads nowadays and not even sell them in a physical store.

Will the brand simply give up? Will not they be able to implement a new design, a new approach to the mobile market? This formula has been repeated since the Xperia Z and thought that by this time the brand had already taken the appropriate lessons. They are beautiful products, yes, but “they all know the same”.

What’s new in the “new” Sony Xperia?

The new XA2 and L2, presented at CES 2018

The new XA2 and L2, presented at CES 2018

After years of putting the fingerprint reader on the side button, the On / Off button, the Japanese technology opted for a reader on the back. Something that was partly due to Sony’s willingness to bring their products with a biometric reader to the US. Something that until now was forbidden.

Looking at the new products, mid-range and input range, the Xperia XA2 and Xperia L2, respectively. We have nothing new here. In addition to the fingerprint reader in a new location. And a good improvement in your technical settings – your appearance will annoy a lot of consumers. Or confuse those who, like me, like this aspect of this OmniBalance.

With new Sony Ericsson Xperia Android smartphones coming to market every 6 months, it becomes difficult to discern one generation of the other. Even for us,  tech bloggers, the numbers begin to shuffle. With both “X” and “Z” back and forth there is only one constant. The margins or bezels. Something nobody wants in 2018.

I hope that at Mobile World Congress the brand gives me reasons to review all these lines …

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