Home NEWS Android Q will have user privacy as one of the priorities

Android Q will have user privacy as one of the priorities

Android Q will have user privacy as one of the priorities

We are still several months away from the official presentation of the new Android Q. However, during the last week has been much information we have received about its features.

So far, it has been easy to realize that one of Google’s top priorities in the new version of its operating system is to better protect users’ privacy. To do this, it will implement a handful of new features.

One of the latest news is blocking the access of applications to your clipboard. If you did not know, Android applications can now access your clipboard, even when they are in the background.

Android Q will increase your privacy by limiting app access permissions

Although many users can pass this information along, thinking that they will not be very important. The truth is that often, malicious applications can use and abuse these permissions.

By allowing access to your clipboard, applications with the right malware may be able to have more access to your information, such as what you write on your smartphone’s keyboard.

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Therefore, this can be a very important implementation, in order to guarantee the privacy of its users. Although the ‘original’ version of Android allows this type of access, there have been several custom ROMs allowed to block these permissions.

Finally, apparently in Android Q, only applications with permission to do so, will be able to access your clipboard.


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