Home NEWS Android Q will give operators more control over your smartphone

Android Q will give operators more control over your smartphone

Android Q will give operators more control over your smartphone

At this moment Google is already developing a new version for its popular operating system. Android Q already begins to give an air of its grace and, therefore, the news begins to appear.

However, the latest news will make users think twice about buying a new smartphone. By all means, the new Android Q will give operators more possibilities to lock your device.

According to what you can see on the Android development site, carriers can lock your smartphone through your SIM card. In this way, these entities will have a more refined control over what will work and what will not work in a piece of certain device.

Android Q will allow an operator to block your smartphone

As such, carriers will be able to create a list of permitted and not allowed networks for a particular smartphone. This implies the possibility that a certain network does not work close to certain telecommunications towers.

In addition, Android Q will bring new features to the devices with dual-SIM capabilities. To be more specific, it will become possible to lock the second slot depending on the SIM card that is inserted in the first slot.

That is, if the first slot is not a certain card, you will be unable to use any other SIM card in your device. This is a restriction that will persist even after a factory reset or restart of your smartphone.

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However, it should be noted that none of these features is guaranteed yet in Android Q. All these data are part of the commitments for the development of this software, but not all of them can be effectively applied.

But if all this comes to check, it will be something that everyone should take into consideration before buying a mobile device. From Android Q the purchase of a locked device to a carrier will have to be well equated.



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