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Android Q: The arrival of ‘Dark Mode’ is confirmed and much more

Android Q The arrival of 'Dark Mode' is confirmed and much more

For some time Dark Mode has been one of the most wanted implementations for the new version of Google’s operating system, Android Q. After the company has updated the design of virtually all of its applications including the option for ‘Dark Mode ‘, users continued to ask for more.

Now, thanks to discoveries made by the XDA Developers team, it has finally been confirmed that Android Q will even come with an option to activate ‘Dark Mode’, which will be applied throughout the system interface.

Several indications had already emerged that this would finally be a reality in the new update. But now, through access to a functional version of Android Q, ‘Dark Mode’ is a feature already confirmed. As discussed by XDA Developers, this option will have easy access through the settings of the smartphone, offering two possibilities. You will be able to permanently activate the ‘Dark Mode’, or select to be changed automatically from a certain time.

‘Dark Mode’ for Android Q could bring a surprise you’ll love!

But it seems that Google still has a very interesting surprise for Android fans. It seems that this mode may come with an ” override force-dark ” option, which will apply the night mode even in applications that do not have the option.

According to the tests performed, this functionality seems to be already functional in several applications. Completely transforming the palette of colors of its interface. However, they found some problems with Facebook, where in some situations they visualized white text on a still white background. It’s clearly a feature that’s still in testing, but it looks promising!


Android Q will bring much more news than you could imagine

If you thought that the new version of Android would have as only point of prominence the ‘Dark Mode’, you are very mistaken! In addition to the addition of this night mode, you’ll be able to take advantage of several new implementations that make the entire user experience much more productive and secure.

With the arrival of Android Pie, we saw several new privacy control features being implemented. Well, Android Q will take these features to a new level.

In this new section, you will be able to access detailed and extremely well organized information. About which permissions are most used on your smartphone. You’ll have easy access to information on which apps are using certain permissions.

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Moreover, with just one click, you’ll be able to know which applications are using (in real time) a certain permission. In addition, you will be able to intuitively manage the active / blocked permissions on each of the applications installed on your smartphone.

Samsung DeX on any Android? It seems like a possibility!

If you’re a fan of Samsung’s top-of-the-line functionality that lets you use your smartphone as a computer, you’ll love this new feature. Although the team of XDA Developers could not test the functionality, they found the option ‘ force desktop mode’.

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It seems to be possible that the Mountain View company has developed a feature quite similar to Samsung DeX, which will reach all Android smartphones.

These are not the only novelties reserved for the arrival of the new Android Q. Google is working on a large list of new features and optimizations. That will surely make the delight of millions of users around the world.

We are still several months away from the official launch of the new version of Android. Being guaranteed that during the next months we will receive more news. Especially when the company releases its first  Developer Preview of Android Q.



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