Android Pie will hit the Samsung Galaxy from January 2019

Android Pie will hit the Samsung Galaxy from January 2019

The current market leader, Samsung, has recently surprised us with its plans for a foldable smartphone. Firstly, it was during its developer conference that the brand introduced its first foldable device. However, it was also there that we get to know its next interface, One UI as well as news updates software updates.

It was also during the course of this conference for programmers that the brand announced its plans for new devices with “notch”. In short, the current market leader will also capitalize on this which is one of the current market trends.

In this sense, Samsung will also bring mid-range smartphones that will incorporate another of the current trends. Yes, the fingerprint readers already embedded on the screen of mobile devices, here thanks to the partnership with Qualcomm.

Android Pie will hit the Samsung Galaxy from January 2019

In short, yesterday the end of the day was entirely dedicated to Samsung and its designs, especially its plans for the future. However, the issue of the software update for Android Pie was also addressed, which is the latest version of Google’s OS. In this sense, the South Korean technology was very clear. The system update will begin to arrive from January 2019 to the Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus as well as Note 9. All others (elected) will receive the same update later.

Regarding Android Pie, first of all it should be mentioned that the brand will open a testing program this month. In this sense, we will have a beta, a test version that can be tested in a few weeks.

However, the beta initiative will only be available in the United States of America, South Korea as well as in Germany. Still, the brand has hinted that eventually more countries in Europe and Asia will be able to test the news.

In short, instead of Samsung Experience we will have a new One UI, this yes already based on the Android Pie for the devices chosen. For now, we do not know exactly which models will receive it beyond its latest range tops.

We are now awaiting the start of the beta/test phase for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9.

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