Home NEWS Android Oreo will not reach the Huawei Honor 8 smartphone

Android Oreo will not reach the Huawei Honor 8 smartphone

Android Oreo will not reach the Huawei Honor 8 smartphone

After a profuse discussion around the updates to the new Android Oreo 8.0, after this have already come to some Honor devices. After already starting to reach some Huawei. After having already reached Huawei Honor 9, Honor V9 and 8 Pro. Now, according to Honor’s Indian subsidiary, Android Oreo will not reach Huawei Honor 8.

After several other devices of this brand have received the latest version of Google’s operating system, users have begun to worry. Whoever has a Huawei Honor 8 was waiting for the update. This should come at any time, now that the brand was already distributing it to other equivalent smartphones.

This willingness to know what would be delaying the arrival of this important system update motivated some users to inquire the brand. This situation has happened in India or rather involving the Indian subsidiary of this sub-brand of Huawei. To his utter dismay, through his official Twitter profile, the brand stated that Huawei Honor 8 will not receive this Android Oreo.

Huawei Honor 8 will hardly receive the Android Oreo

Answer that automatically generated a wave of contestation. Why would not the update reach the device? Hardware is more than capable of putting up with this new version of Google’s mobile platform. If even Honor 7X will receive the Android Oreo, why would a more powerful device be left out?


  1. Seriously 😳! They should reconsider about that! What’s there that they can not provide for the Honor 8, if Honor 7 has received? They should really decide wella again.

  2. If that is the case, there must be a reason, but what is it that they can’t fix up and send the update to the Honor 8.? 😰 I hope they’re gonna make a nice decision soon..

  3. Thanks for the article.. But I think they know what’s gonna cost them, and maybe it won’t favour them in any way.. I hope they reconsider again.


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