Home NEWS Android Oreo removes the “Night Mode” in some Sony Xperia

Android Oreo removes the “Night Mode” in some Sony Xperia

Android Oreo removes the Night Mode in some Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia XA1 mobile devices have hit the market with some features that go into action at night. These are the “Good night actions” as indicated by XperiaBlog. However, the Japanese manufacturer has already confirmed that these functions will disappear once Android Oreo 8.0 arrives. The reasons for this were not disclosed.

Nowadays virtually all manufacturers include a blue toner filter so that at night our brains are not constantly bombarded with new stimuli. With the blue light your brain was deceived to think that it is still day and ends up being in “active” mode. With the blue light filters, this does not happen or is at least mitigated.

Almost all brands have something similar. The night light or “Night Mode” or “Night Mode”, the name varies, the premise is always the same. From OnePlus to Google, Samsung, Huawei, and so many other brands.

So far Sony also included this same function in its Sony Xperia. It’s called “”Good night actions “and is present, for example, in Sony Xperia XA1 devices. Now this family (range) of equipment is receiving the Android Oreo 8.0 system update and this function disappeared after the update was installed.

Android Oreo will remove the “Night Mode” of the Sony Xperia

Moreover, the same will happen with the other Sony devices. Once they receive the Android Oreo the blue light filter will disappear. Confirmation was made through the official profile of Sony Xperia on Twitter. It arrived via a response from the Japanese manufacturer to one of the users (in this case @DMed) that asked the brand about the possibility of your Xperia XZ Premium receive this same function.

The response of the brand was quite detailed and also applies to other devices and smartphones of the brand. The “Night Light” feature would be introduced gradually in the “beta” program. Unfortunately, this feature has been abandoned and will not be part of stable builds.

Some of the devices that could use this blue light filter were the Xperia XA1, XA1 Ultra, and also the Sony Xperia XA1 Plus. Something that will disappear from all Sony devices as soon as they get Android Oreo. Fortunately there are some alternatives in the Google Play Store if you want to guard against this glitch.


  1. Why the disappearance are they giving this feature to Android oreo 8.0,well the manufacturer has it right to do anything but they should also consider their customers view


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