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Android Oreo is now coming to the LG V30

LG V30 Android Oreo

LG has undergone several changes in its structure and business model in late 2017. For several generations of mobile devices that have not been able to compete with competitive offers at the sales level, it is normal for the brand to look for a new approach. This will also include greater support for existing devices. Such is the case of the LG V30 which is already receiving Android Oreo.

This update comes with the international variants of the LG V30. After having started to be distributed last December in South Korea, Android Oreo has already arrived on the American shores. It arrives through the air, or better, via OTA ( over the air ). Perfect for anyone who does not want to worry about anything. The update will arrive. You will receive a notification. Click and start downloading. Simple.

For all units not linked to an operator, Android Oreo arrives in the form of the US99818f software compilation. This is the version that already offered the United States of America. In the coming days will be the turn of international markets as the European also receive the news.

LG V30 is toasted with the new Android Oreo

 Developers announced the new features in the developer community. There it was suggested that the update was already being distributed in the US and that it was on the way to new markets. Comes with the new patch or security package from Google. Dated January 1, 2018, comes to address the security threats that will invariably arise. This is also the latest patch you can have on an Android smartphone at this time.


The brand was not deterred from releasing the start of the update for Android Oreo in South Korea. In fact, it was one of the highlights of the brand last December. Even at the beginning when the update came to this LG V30. Now it will be a matter of time before the same update reaches this side of the Atlantic.


Be that as it may, it’s good to see the brand deliver on its promise that this Android Oreo would arrive expeditiously at its top-end devices. It will bring the new Picture-in-Picture mode, the autofill for the forms.

More safety. More speed. More fluidity and detailed monitoring of notifications. You will also have the points to see which application you received, or not some notification. It is, for all intents and purposes, a major and important software upgrade. You will not be disappointed.

And to the other LG, when will Android Oreo arrive?

Meanwhile and also in Europe, the LG G6 is still waiting to receive this same Android Oreo. The LG V20 should only receive the news as of the second quarter of 2018. The LG G5, the K-line, and the Q line can begin to receive the same news from the second half of the year.


  1. That’s great! Oreo is really rolling 🤣 out to many devices! It reaches LG now! Hurray!
    But what about Homtom devices?

  2. Comment:that is awesome…
    LG will soon become a top brand in the market too as time goes on!
    Thanks for the info and your care.

  3. That is awesome…
    LG will soon become a top brand in the market too as time goes on!
    Thanks for the info and your care.


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